Scars are Not Forever: Check Out Home Remedies for Acne

It has become a common phenomenon to keep complaining after an acne break. The first medicine is love. Love yourself to understand that each part of body needs equal attention. Just like you would set an appointment for your hair, or your nails, set an appointment with yourself. The harsh chemicals you adorn to get that clean and glowing look, the pat of colors and sparkles for a party, they all contribute towards worsening of your skin texture. So, the next step after love is to relax. Relax your mind and checkout some fantastic home remedies for acne

Natural Home Remedies for Acne

Ø  Yoghurt & Honey: You may be lactose intolerant; this is where yoghurt comes into action. Make a mix of one tablespoon of honey and the same quantity of yoghurt. Apply on your skin and leave it there for about 15 minutes. Gently scrub while you wash it off your face. This rids you off the dead skin. You may use your regular moisturize once you are done with this regime

Ø  Egg whites: Two are enough to crack. Whisk the egg whites and apply on your acne or scars. The sebum and vitamins essentially reduces the blemishes and restores the skin cells. Do not leave the pack on for more than 20 minutes. Pat dry with a soft tissue or towel and ensure you use your daily moisturizer lest you leave your skin dry. 

Ø  Oranges: Among all the home remedies for acne, this is perhaps one that clears you inside out. Citric acid and vitamin C promotes healthy cell growth. Add water to grinded orange peels and make a light mask on your face or the affected area. 20 minutes should be fine for you to wash the mask off and apply a moisturizer.

Ø  Aloe Vera: Anti-inflammatory in quality, you may have access to Aloe Vera at home or you may shop for a good gel in store. You may apply on the specific spots or cover the entire area of acne breakout. 

Ø  Water treatment: Boil water, put it in a large bowl, and let it cool for a few minutes. Bring your face over the hot water so that you feel the steam and cover our head with a towel. Enjoy the steam for about 15 minutes and then pat dry your face. This opens up the pores and flushes out all dirt and grime. 

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