Why do Grown-ups get Pimples?

We do have a false impression of acne being a teen-age skin condition. And when it breaks out on a 30-year-old’s skin, we go berserk thinking what has gone wrong? No, this is definitely not the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Say hello to your adult acne and ensure you get rid of it soon. There are various reasons that trigger adult acne.

Reason #1 

Blackheads: A blocked pore is your skin’s enemy. Pimples begin at the threshold of a blackhead formation. Oil and dead cells clog the pores and that, when exposed to air, forms a blackhead. An inflammation causes an acne breakout. 

Reason #2

Hormones: Blame it on the sebaceous glands. The overproduction of androgens and estrogens kick off these glands that trigger acne. As you grow older, the hormones stop secreting as voraciously. However, unfortunately, the retail world has cracked open the safety zone by introducing hormones to various consumables. This easily manhandles the hormones even at a later stage of life.    
Reason #3

Uncontrolled lifestyle: A teenage kid has a stern mom or dad to keep control over, who controls an adult? Self-control is expected out of you. Indulging in too much of chocolates, fried food, alcohol, frenzied lifestyle, all may trigger too much stress on your body and skin. No one is asking you to quit, just do what you were doing, but in moderation. That helps!

Adult and Teen Acne

There is a huge difference between adult acne and a teenager’s pimple breakout. At such a young age, a teenager has a thicker skin. The acne control lotions and gels that could work on such skin type would never work on a thinner skin that you have at the age of 30. However, there are similar products, meant for the older skin that may help you to get rid of adult acne.

Treat adult acne to natural healing

Instead of treating your skin to harsh chemicals and jumping from one skin specialist to another, it is a far better idea to treat naturally. Adult acne can be catered to with ingredients that you have in your kitchen. You will not need to pay a visit to the drug store round the corner. A lemon, some sugar, honey, yoghurt, orange peel, banana skin, papaya juice, gram flour, each and every ingredient can help you prevent and get rid of adult acne.

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