Treat Your Scar: Be Blemish-Free

You might have recovered from a bout of teenage or adult acne, but have you got rid of the blemishes too? Acne has the tendency to leave behind ugly scars, as if you keep haunting you even after it is gone. There are some ways in which implementing acne scar treatment can help you in the long run. Not only will it treat your skin to a blemish-free state, but also prevent further outbreak of pimples. Mild or isolated scarring may require only natural, homely treatments to get rid of the scars, but for severe scarring you might have to go for medical acne scar treatment.

There are over-the-counter medicines and also prescription medicines to treat your scars. However, nothing works unless you show patience and wait until a particular treatment starts working on your skin and shows the early impact. 

Some easy acne scar treatments:

1.       A simple skin care regime: The word simple is of utmost importance. It is time you stop investing money on those ridiculous makeup kits and focus on buying green leafy vegetables, fruits, drink sufficient water and also invest in a gym. Resort to regular skin cleaning, toning and moisturizing. That is sufficient to keep pimples at bay.

2.       Sunblock: Use a suitable sunblock that would not trigger further acne development on your skin. The sun rays induce melanin formation and ugly pigmentation. That can lead to sunburn and further damage to your acne scars. Protect your skin by using a suitable sun block that suits your type of skin. Ensure that along with the face you are also treating the rest of the body to similar nourishment.

3.       Kitchen ingredients: Potato skin, orange peel, banana skin, tomato, all are said to have an astringent quality. Applying them on your skin in a circular motion helps reduce melanin formation and clean up the existing scars. You can also use other ingredients that have the same acne scar treatment effect on your skin. Ingredients like lemon, aloe vera, tea tree oil, vinegar, rose water, sandalwood paste, so on and so forth.

4.       Medicines: You may follow your doctor’s prescription or use over-the-counter creams and peels, but ensure none of that damage your skin permanently. Medicines should always be taken after consulting a dermatologist to avoid any future injury to your skin.

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