Acne Medication: Plan Your Treatment

Acne is a condition experienced by millions of people across the world. Some have better experiences than the other, the reason being exclusive condition of the skin. No individual can be the same. Everybody is unique and have different issues. The disease or skin condition might be the same, but not everyone can tolerate the same medicines, treatments, etc. 

Earlier, teenagers were asked to cut out on oily food, street food, clean the body more regularly, give up on all the bad habits, and along with that were handed a tube of Clearasil and astringent. Nobody really delved deep into the cause of acne, treating every victim as the same. However, with medical progress, it has been researched and diagnosed that pimples can be of different kinds, and they all require different kinds of acne medication.

1.       Comedonal acne: This form of pimple is mild and consists of black- and white-head development. An oily produce of the skin called sebum blocks the pores of the skin. That leads to the formation of comedonal acne. Their appearance is majorly on the chin, nose and forehead.

2.       Cysticacne: This is the worst acne condition. This can be related to an infection triggered by acne outbreak in a particular area of the skin. This kind of acne leaves a blemished skin and scars you psychologically.
3.       Inflammatory acne: This is the common red pimple which you may see on your face. The area beneath a white or black head inflames to form this kind of acne.

Acne medication for comedonal and inflammatory acne:

Traditional acne medication is recommended for this kind of pimple outbreak. Tazorac, Differin, Retin-A, Renova, are the most common retinoid indorsed for these kind of acne. Retinoid is always accompanied by an antibiotic which helps in killing the bacteria that forms around the blocked pore and cause inflammation. 

Acne medication for hormonal acne:

Hormonal acne developed during puberty is aggravated by the raging hormones of teenage girls. Oral contraceptives are recommended in this case. 

Acne medication for severe cystic acne:

Accutane or laser therapies are perhaps the only two treatments to severe acne. Accutane definitely has some side effects which can be avoided if one can sign up for the very expensive laser treatment. This form of acne requires higher medical care.

Once you know your condition it is time to plan your treatment, be it medical or natural.
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