Fighting Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is not a rare disease. It is extremely common and mostly among teenagers. A teenager experiences a lot of hormonal shifts, majorly during puberty. The raging androgen induces the formation of acne. The sebum production, triggered by androgen, persists throughout puberty and a good extent of adulthood. 

How to recognize acne vulgaris before treating it:

The color and size of acne depends on skin tone, skin type, and lifestyle. If you experience a rash-like growth on your skin which is not consistent but is formed of puss, you may immediately consult your dermatologist. This development on your skin may be referred to as acne vulgaris. Acne can be different in color. On a fairer skin tone, you may notice red inflammation, and on a darker skin, it can be brownish. Acne can leave ugly marks on your skin. There are different types of scars that leave your skin damaged, unless treated urgently.

Take for example:

1.       Ice pick scars: You skin develops deep pits after a pimple has disappeared. This is the most common form of acne vulgaris scars.

2.       Rolling scars: Your skin looks wavy. That is the rolling impact that acne formation can leave behind.
3.       Angular scars: They look very similar to chicken pox scars. Angular or box car scars develop mainly on the cheeks or your temple. They can vary from being deep to superficial in intensity.

4.       Pigmentation scars: This is perhaps the ugliest form of scar left behind by cystic or nodular acne vulgaris. The marks are red in color and may take ages to fade if not treated in time. 

Fighting acne vulgaris:

Once you are equipped with the knowledge of acne, your skin type, and other socio-psychological impact it may have on you, its time you gear up for a tough fight. Acne vulgaris is a challenge that can be met if you are careful enough. Dermatologists recommend various medical treatments to acne.

Ø  Benzoyl peroxide:This is the first medical treatment recommended for its effectiveness on mild acne breakouts. 

Ø  Antibiotics: Under very severe conditions, acne vulgaris requires the treatment of antibiotics. 

Ø  Hormones: Women are sometimes offered hormonal medicines to get rid of stubborn acne developments.

Ø  Natural remedies: Apart from the above-mentioned processes, there are various natural and ayurvedic treatments to acne vulgaris too.

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