Treating Acne the Healthy Way

When it’s the matter of your skin, you better not resort to harsh ways of treating acne. Acne, or pimple or zit, whatever you may call it, require immediate attention, and definitely in the best way possible. To get on with your acne treatment you must take a look at certain conditions first. Coming straight to the point:

11.       Get a skin test done: The first step to acne treatment is a comprehensive skin test. Each skin type is different and requires a different level of treatment. In order to ensure that your acne treatment goes the right way, test your skin type, allergies that you may not know of, and other dimensions your dermatologist may refer to.

22.       Go green: Well, dressing up in green might make you look brighter, but its only leafy green vegetables that can bring that integral glow on your skin. To treat acne, you must prepare your skin to be acne-safe. Fortify your skin by consuming vegetables, cereals, dairy products, and fish. Vegetables like carrots, squash and broccoli, are rich in provitamin A, one of the most essential ingredients that fight acne.

33.       Herbs to cure: Certain South Asian herbs like ‘Neem’, when prepared in a paste, works wonders on acne. Azadirachta Indica, or Neem essentially possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. The paste of this herb can be use directly on your acne for quick relief and also works as preventive care.

44.       Sweat it out: A daily work out regime makes you sweat, and this process helps bring out the dirt that rests within the pores. Again, diminishing calories and intake of sweets will help control an oily breakout on your face and skin.

55.       Go organic: Yoghurt is an organic potion to acne treatment. Unless you are lactose intolerant (find out from your dermatologist), there is no reason why you cannot exfoliate your skin with the help of this natural product. Yoghurt consists of lactic acid which has an exfoliating effect. Not only does it exfoliate, but also reduces scarring that results from a burst of acne. 

66.       A baker’s surprise: Baking soda is one of the best acne treatment ingredients you may have in your kitchen. Mixed with equal portion of water to make a paste, it can be applied over the face as a facial pack for about 15 minutes. 

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