FINALLY! An Anti-Ageing Product That Works & It’s 100% Natural!

Beauty and The FeastI’m excited to bring you news of an anti-aging, beautifying nutrition program that is receiving a LOT of hype at the moment... If I told you that you could look younger, more radiant and beautiful while shedding unwanted fat that you’ve been struggling to shift for years, would you be interested?

If you haven’t heard about Beauty and the Feast already, then you are in for quite a treat! This is a unique product designed by celebrity nutritionists, The Food Fairies and it is proven to help slow down the signs of ageing on your face, as well as tone your complexion, enhance natural radiance and shed body fat – all intended to make you look younger and more beautiful! The results and feedback to this product are staggering, and captivating the attention of women everywhere!

Gone are the days where you fall victim to the lies of the beauty industry. We are now learning the truth - real, timeless beauty comes from what you put inside your body. And with this eBook, interactive guide and 7 day plan, plus impressive FREE bonus features, you are about to improve the way you live and look forever!

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So what exactly is Beauty and the Feast?

In this unique and first-of-its-kind eBook package you will learn how to nourish your skin and body to bring the very best out in both. You are guided through your day-to-day diet by the Food Fairies, who do not miss a beat – they provide options for on-the-go girls, busy mums and jet-setters alike. Covering every meal from breakfast to dinner, and not forgetting snacks, drinks and treats in between! And it’s REAL food that tastes good and fills you up! No diet rubbish. They make you laugh along the way too, it’s a very entertaining read. And it’s not just food. You’re also guided through expert beauty tips and advice, quick easy yoga routines – fully illustrated for you to follow at home, facial yoga (!) and even your personal diet analysis provided by the Fairies, and much more!

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So what did I think of Beauty and the Feast?

This product is single-handedly changing the face of beauty, anti-ageing and fat loss. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, plans and guides available. And they are not just in eBook format either – you get videos, audios, interactive step-by-step advice, tips, personally tailored dietary analysis and a real laugh along the way.

Quick to download, easy to follow, and super professional, Beauty and the Feast is available in two versions: Classic and Premium. I purchased the Premium package to check it out, as this one seems to be the most popular and includes the whole package, including an audio version of the entire eBook to enjoy whilst commuting, doing the housework or walking the dog! And what did I get?
  • The Beauty and the Feast e-Book - To begin with, I received the main component of the product package; The Beauty and the Feast e-Book. This is where you’re guided through how to nourish your skin and body, chapter-by-chapter and what you need to do to enhance your natural beauty, look younger, more radiant and how to burn fat quickly and healthily! I found this to be a truly fantastic resource, and well worth the investment on its own. It also includes the 7-day plan, which covers a number of options for every meal and snack, as well as yoga routines, facial yoga guidance and tips and advice, as you go along. As well as this, it really is a fantastic read. These girls know how to make food fun... They are the Food Fairies after all!
  • The Beauty and the Feast Audio – This is a perk of the premium edition. It is a downloadable version of the book, for you to listen to on-the-go!
  • Facial Yoga Videos – The Food Fairies actually filmed a series of facial yoga techniques to illustrate the guide in the eBook. Facial yoga is a huge trend in Hollywood to help keep the years off of the complexion naturally. Stars swear by it for tightening the jaw line and smoothing out lines and creases. Yep, these girls have got everything covered! The beauty of facial yoga is that these techniques are designed for everyone - whether you’re a 25 year old girl, looking to enhance natural face contours or a 60 year old woman looking to lift her face naturally.
  • Free sign up to the weekly Food Fairy nutrition guide – Every Monday you will receive an inspiring email newsletter from the Food Fairies delivering the latest nutrition news, hottest products, mouth-watering recipes, and beauty tips. Enough to start the week off with a spring in your step!
  • ‘The ten commandments of health’ – In this no-nonsense guide, the Food Fairies dispel the myths of ‘healthy’ eating and well and truly clue you up on everything fat-burning and cellulite-busting.
  • The Pick of Pamper Products – This is the only part of the program which touches on actual beauty products that you apply to your skin (as the general notion is that you feed your outer beauty from the inside...) but the Fairies reveal their bathroom cabinet secrets and introduce their favourite all-natural (of course) pamper potions.
And that’s not all...!
You also receive your very own personalised dietary analysis, which is delivered exclusively by the Food Fairies themselves. This service is worth $60 in itself!

Click here to visit the Beauty and the Feast Official Website

The Verdict

This program has it all. A NATUAL plan for younger, more flawless skin as well as a slimmer silhouette AND a bundle of energy to boot... It isn’t the #1 professionally designed anti-ageing nutrition plan for nothing! Go grab yourself a copy now!

Click here to visit the Beauty and the Feast Official Website

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